Jaws, 1975

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  • - Rozmiar : 61 X 91 cm
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  • - Rodzaj produktu : Poster
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It's a carcaradon carcharias... it's a Great White. This poster pays tribute to the biggest, baddest shark in the movie biz. The oldschool graphic makes it perfect for any film enthusiast's collection.Terror strikes the beach town of Amity after a Great White shark starts finding people to be tasty treats. It’s a tale of man vs. nature – and the mayor - as police chief Brody urges the closing of the beaches but the mayor wants to keep them open for the big holiday weekend. After another killing, Brody assembles a crew and takes to the sea to kill the shark who is one mighty big, powerful and uncommonly cunning fish with a colossal chip on his fin.
Starring: Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfus, Lorraine Gary
Director: Steven Spielberg
Genre: Action-adventure, Horror, Thriller

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