Nautical Aspect II

90,50 zl 181,00 zl
  • - Rozmiar : 30 X 30 cm
  • - Nazwa wykonawcy : Michael Kahn
  • - Rodzaj produktu : Mounted Print
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Michael Kahn’s striking nautical photography is known worldwide. From the exhilarating rush of sailboat racing to the tranquility of moored boats in the mist, his eye-catching work captures the classic allure and graceful beauty of sailing. His ability to present minute detail, from the billowing sails to the weather-worn knots sets his work apart. Kahn’s work has appeared in many publications including Architectural Digest to The New York Times, as well his book Brandywine. Constantly on assignment, Kahn’s work takes him from New England coast to the Chesapeake Bay to Antigua. His images hang in many corporate and private collections.

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